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    About Us



    Our focus is to serve you and be you one on  one agent/ the stars in Hollywood have.

    We promote local:

    *Small business owners

    *New business startups



    **Need to refresh, regroup, relaunch


    Contact us to see how we can promote you one on one.



    Here is my dream....

    To promote Spark-Local members through the sister company;

    "Spark-Local Stimulus"

    This is where we can market and promote our members through, 

    *Community Fund Raiser

    *Special Event Planning

    *Web series development



    Promote  - Produce - Prosperity

    Call us for more detail of this new creative way to market yourself through social media.

     Lets get you OUT of white/yellow pages where you just get lost or you are used to prop up a boat on a trailer, or used as a stand for your computer monitor.

    ....and all for only $25.00/month

     - no contract required.

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    Do you have a dream?

    How would you like to have a personal agent/promoter for your business or talent?  We Promote YOU

    Spark-Local, Inc

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    Any time for the client....