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Spark Dream & History entrapreneur

Spark Dream

Hi, my name is Terry Alan Jones, founder and owner of Spark-Local, Inc.

The company originated in Wichita Kansas....and I would like to share "my dream"  
It was in September of 2010, and I had just lost a great job in Kansas City and had to move home to Wichita Kansas.   Arriving, I immediately was in the presence of two beloved family members pass or which I was at their side during their last breath.

 It was at this moment that I truly saw the value of life and relationships. 

But, I could not get a job.  It was during the recession and I was becoming frustrated for no open doors.

 After the death of my sister, I went outside and on the driveway I screamed up to the Heavens and shouted...."Lord...I want to work for you!!!" It was then I received the vision of Spark-Local. 

 It has always been my heart to promote and serve others.  And the Lord showed me that by promoting others and finding ways to bring them together to help each other succeed, it would start to "ignite" and "unite" local communities everywhere.  

Letting the communities be their own Stimulus Plan. 

So for me, I started the business with 

God, the Father as the creator and investor, 
Christ Jesus as the owner (I work for Him, 
the Holy Spirit my manager and 
the Angels as the protectors - 
Spark-Local gave birth in 2010.    And it is my job to promote and serve others. I want to run a business that Operates with Integrity and the greatest joy is to see a start-up reach for the stars, an unknown talent bring his/her gift to the audience they dreamed of, for the non-profit to reach its goals and beyond and for the small business owner become known just beyond their local community.  

So, it is never about promoting Spark-Local - it is about "igniting and uniting" others for ALL local communities in the United States.

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