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Spark-Local Stimulus television show fund raisers

Spark-Local Meet & Greets


Here is where it all starts. The concept is simple yet powerful. A Spark-Local Meet & Greet will be coordinated by a local community facilitator. The meeting should be informal and self-sufficient. The invite is to all local small business owners, talent, non-profits and new start-ups and even those in the local community who want to give back to their local communities. It is a type of stimulus plan within. In specific, it is actual local community promoting each other and being a part of the solution. Basic format would be to promote current Spark-Local members through presentations or even some fun group networking games. Then there could be a time slot for ideas on fund raising events for the local community.  Spark-Local would serve as their Project Manager And last but not least, the promotion of new Spark-Local members. 

If you are interested in hosting and getting paid for a Spark-Local Meet & Greet,

Please contact us for more details. 

Welcome to ignite & unite local communities

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Spark-Local Fund Raisers


Spark-Local offers to serve as the project manager for a local Spark Non-Profit fund raiser or event.

We would inite to the team our great small businesses, new start-ups and talent to serve as team members on project development or beng a volunteer.

It would also be important to open this up in the planning to the local community.

In addition, Spark-Local members will be considered first to be sponsors, advistisors or a spot to promote themselves....at low, low cost. 

It is really a stimlulus project within the local community.

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Spark-Local presents "Stimulus"


The shows concept is to have a variety show that would give a platform for the star (small biz, talent, non-profit) to promote their service or skill wth tons of laughter and a few surpises following their informal interview.

We can stimulate our local cities  by promoting the movers and shakers in our local communities.

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Spark-Local - "What is Community?"

This is where it all started....